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Have fun on my page!:) Dolly Flash by Babel-the-Butt
You taste like candy! - Commission by MaggyMss Cottoncloudyfilly Icons Request by Emmabebe -Request- Sugartime by CloudDG Dolly Flash and Strawberry Shine by igriega13
RQ- Plix and Artic Bliss by Nyan-Rose-Craft Shut up, I'm not pretty by sjf95fighter
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Art Trade:Medical Waste by cottoncloudyfilly
Art Trade:Medical Waste
I keep getting art trades lately :) art trade with :iconxxcandywater-fallsxx:  thats hella difficult name u got there,I hope you like the pic.
I had no idea how her personality was like,so I tried to quess..sorry if I did something totally wrong,I didnt wanted to draw her like cute pure desu desu thingy,so yeah,I assume she a lil bit bad girl..sorry if she sint like that
Sorrry for the wait,I have horrible memory sometimes,so I forgot...sorry
Mlp fim adoptable: Swamp pony(OPEN) by cottoncloudyfilly
Mlp fim adoptable: Swamp pony(OPEN)
This time its point offer,offer points...bit starts with 10 points
I spent a lot of time making it..
Im sorry but I dont rember the base,I will write it down if I rember it :)
sorry about the flower grown,it didnt came out as execpted...but yeah
1.Puella Magi Madoka Magica-like the others who where expecting for Sailor Moon thingy,I personally wast shocked...Im totally fine with it..ALSO KYOBEY IS THE TROLL..but damn this show was awesome Madoka and Homura Glomp Icon 
2.Oreimo-the hidden incest..which s quite enoyable..and not dirty at all,main tsundere bitch is also adorableKirino Talking Icon  ...but damn my Kuroneko feels...saddest lovestory..Kuroneko Cat Icon (shit sorry for the cute gif)
3.K-ON-God yes,fucking finally took forever..its pretty boring anime, nothing happens but damn cute Ritsu Tainaka (We'll make money) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] cutest anime ever,confirmedTsumugi Kotobuki (Smiles) [V1] ALso Ui be my sister plz!8best sister title for UI)
4.No.6-This fucking anime scared the helll out of me...freaking creepy..maybe cuz I have always been paranoid about scifi things..I dunno..but damn...that shipping...all my yes!Heart Love Heart Love 
5.B Gata H Kei-ridicoulous plot,the only ecchi anime I have watched,but not bad,Yamada seems like a girl from real life highschool,tHE COUPLE LOOKS CUTE
6.Love Stage-cute shounen ai anime,like the main chara Izumi is the cutest shit you have ever seen...the ending of this anime is the worst..everything else was perfect
7.Toradora-Really cute romance anime,and known well!Taiga is very lovable tsundere,the story is kinda slow based but in this case its good..I have nothing bad to say about this animeTaiga Aisaka (Blush) [V1] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] alos Minori is me and Taiga is my best friend(our relationship in anime)
8.Golden Time- Like  Toradora this was a good romance anime,I personally enoyed this anime more than Toradora,very unique and not sterotypical romance anime!The only problem was the extremly dumb main characther..and the nerd in background who didnt get attention.-btw I loved this
9. Ouran Highschool Hostclub- PERFECT AND FUNNY ANIME,MY first anime as anime(in childhood I watched Pokemon not knowing it was a anime)Tamaki is still my favorite bishie.
10.Panty & Stocking with Garterbert-Famous for its WTf ending and awesome art style what I love,very cartoonish..and full of sex jokes..I usally hate those jokes but in this show..I didnt mind them..My favorite anime couple is in this series..Brief X any rate.I loved it,this show point was not to make yeahStocking's Not on a Diet Emote Stocking Heart Emote Panty~ 
11.Isshuukan Friends-Lovely anime...with slowly growing friendship...after all its Isshuukan Friends..not LOvers--I personally loved this one..the style was cuteKaori Fujimiya (Rejects) [V1]  and I would love to marry the main chara boy!YESYuuki Hase (It'll be alright) [V1] (my secret boyfriend)There should be more shows like this
12.Kaichou wa maid sama-The most well known romance anime after Clannad,I liked the story...but why..why this have to be so typical..tsundere girl and the school most popular guyUsui-hehehe (Takumi Usui) ..tho in this case it was kind of differnt...the show didnt gave me feels...but damn I like Hinata(basically me as guy)
13.Watamote-Hilarious comedy..about a loner otaku girl...Really cool show,for everyone with a hood sense of humorTomoko Talking Icon Tomoko Surprised Icon Tomoko Soft Drink Icon 
14.Onee-chan ga kita-looks like incest but actully isnt incest...really cute..and short series..I NEED MORE EPISODES...OF SIBLINGS WHO ACTULLY DONT HATE EACH OTHER
15.Sekaiichi Hatsukoi-best shounen ai anime so far..lovely story..and this probaly would be the best romance anime if they were hetero pairing..still feels for Yuu..who is forever alone...
16. Junjou Romatica-yes,I know this was made before Sekaiichi Hatsukoi,but I liked Sekaiichi Hatsukoi better cuz it didnt had any rape scenes...but humor in this one was what I can..
17.Karneval-never got me bored..amazing ending..everything was great..Main chara is the cutest..NAI!Nai Sparkleeye Icon Nai Smile Icon 
18 ja 19. FRee Eternal Summer and Free Iwatobi swim club-I love it,u must thing Im a fangirl for muscels..I am not..I love swimming andd guys who show emotions,guys who care about friendship,of course I love cute boys..bishies..and shipping but thats not the only thing to love..THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE ANIME FOR GOOD HUMOR AND MANY MANY OTHER REASONSHazuki Nagisa (Eating Pizza) [V2] 
20.Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun---a pardoy series of romance animes...funny and orginal..awesome..everything is greatChiyo Embarrassed Icon 
21.The Black Prince and WOlf girl-okey before I say anything..I will make this clear..its my option..its a mix of Ao Haru Ride,Kaichou wa maid sama and Toradora
Black Prince and the Wolf girl,a copy of all the animes,Ao Haru Ride- cuzlying to two bitches that you have boyfriend,Toradora-cuz the dog role,Kaichou wa maid sama-schools most popular guy and blonde hair color.I liked the dog ears part,when Erika lies or is excited..anyway in my option its shit anime..but some can enoy it..for me it was boring and sterotyp-ical
22.Himegoto-finally a ecchi elemented thing for girls ..crossdressing..something kept me watching it,cute and short,funny.
23.Ao Haru Ride-boring..and typical..nice anime style but this leaved my hard core romance anime lover empty...she has probaly seen every romance anime and if she says this was shit then,it probaly is..for romance anime lovers at least,but if ur new with it then,I quess it can be quite enoyableFutaba Clapping Icon Yuuri Angry Icon Futaba Talking Icon 
24.Hiyokoi-cute but sadly only one episoded anime...Im so sad..this anime looked so good..Something cute for you to watch..its really quick
25.Love Lab-cute anime with girls who want boyfriends..I can relate myself so much to wow..totally meRiko V Icon Riko Angry Icon Riko Depressed Icon also I want her to marry himSatoshi Smile Iconthey are both tsunderes or some shit..I love it
26.Papa to kiss in the dark-I was just scrolling down in anime lists and this shit..popped out..I was oh yeah...nice anime style..looks like cool shouen ai...but then..I watched it..I died a little bit inside...THIS THE MOST SICKEST TWISTED SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN..PLEASE DONT WATCH IT..GOT PLEASE NO,it didnt even warn you like Boku no Pico did...FUCKING WITH YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMEBERS IS NORMAL?GOD NO FUCKING WAY,thank god it only had 2 episodes
27.Orenichi no furo jijou-who would thought that this kind of thing can exist,funny...mermans...speaking rubber duck...what I can say..everyone has time for it..short series..NEEDS MORE EPISODES!,also tis show made that amazing movie what it was based on a joke...xd the movie was emotinal..but meh..but just the oppostie..I dunno if it good or bad thing...also wtf its categoried as shounen ai..but they  barely even did touch each
28.Sora no Method-I love the saucer girl Noel.shje is so moe,my favorite anime loli girl,the story is good in my option,I havent watched this kind of anime genre so Im not sure if this is bad or good anime,I love it .Noel Impressed Icon (omg last episode was sad)'
29.I cant understand what my husband is saying- funny ,short episode lasting and in my option very unique couple..with dirty humor and otaku husband.
30.Dramatical Murder-IS NOTHING AND NOTHING LIKE DIRTY GAME YOU HEARD ABOUT,short anime but awesome,I can see anyone likeing this,intresting story,and intresting desings,desings you wont forget so easily..I loved it :) Anyone can enoy it,reallyspeically if you like batteling and game stuff.Dramatical Murder Icon: Koujaku (anime PV) 
31.Haikyuu-I finished it today,I only watched it beacuse of its fandom and all those fanarts..The show didnt amuse,that much,I mean for sport anime its really good anime but if you dont know anything about volleyball it can get boring and hard to watch..But otherwise good anime,not just my piece of cake.Mama suga 

ANIMES WHAT I HAVE NOT FINISHED YET FOR FEW REASONS(like: all the episodes arent out or I dont have time)

Hetalia-funnyHetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ France (Denies) [V1] ,with short episodes,I havent finished it yet cuz I always get lost which episode I have watched and what I havent..thats why...but lovely,the idea of this anime is very orginal.Tea ćhes you history fi you watch it with smart person who can tell what they meanRussia (Curse) [V2] 

Hybrid Child-Shounen ai series,with extremly good animation...looks so pure that I wanna bite it..intresting story about some weird half human half doll guy..SHIT I NEED MORE EPISODES NOW!

Yuru Yuri-cute.Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Shy Fangirling) [V1] ..and very..umm yuri...also freaking hilarious..MIkorin is the forever alone..Akari Akazaki (Smirk and Cries) [V1] assesKyouko and Ayano (Hug for you) [V1]  and all theother cunts.xdKyouko Toshinou (Inspired) [V1] Chitose Ikeda (Teaching) [V2] (LOl..i NEED TO WATCH THE 2ND SEASON FOR MORE CUTE) I want a show with guys like this...yuru yaoi..sounds delicous

Tamako K-on,actully intresting../must finish it)Tamako Kitashirakawa (Laughing) [V1] Tamako and Midori (Side Hug) [V1] cute boy alsoMochizou Ooji (Cheer thumbs up) [V1] 

Girlfriend Kari-I dunno why,I started watching this..or if I can watch it in the end...but meh...cute style..deffintely meant for guys...not ecchi but yuri and big boobs

Starry Sky-SHIT SHIT,you have a wonderful idea to make a horoscope anime and you shit it up..I was seriosuly dispointed after Taurus episode..Im a Taurus..and all you did was make that guy sad for not hitting his target then saying you can do it and he does it...seriously fuck you starry ,atter no one knows about you,or you have 11 minutes ĺong episodes..dont waist your time.dont watch it!(I try to finish this somehow)

Acchi Kocchi-one of those cute series with slow romance and love hints...omg those cat this show with your whole family..its cute and funny(I have less time..must finish it)

Lucky Star-kill me please,boring..I watched 3 episodes and I hardly rmeber what they did,I dunno why K-on is better...anyway..Im not sure if I have ever time to finish this,the most well know anime..xd haters are gonna kill meKonata pat 

Your Lie in April-my first music anime(K-on dont count)either way its beautiful,I love it so far(this boys mum is the worst bitch,she deserved her death,Im not even sorry)it also has romance.xd

Kyo  Kara Maoh-this is what a good many episoded anime is called!Naruto can suck my ass!;) (Wink) het story seems legit first but trust me its good..also yes that shippingRoyal Love  Wolfram is the best bishie..after Tamaki..Wolfram is the best male tsundere..theres no doubt!:) (Smile) KAAAH..SO MANY EPISODES AND SO LITTLE TIME...WHY?:( (Sad) but anway my goal is to finish this show no matter what!:) (Smile)

Binan koukou chikyuu bouei be love-WTF THIS IS AWESOME,and gay but lovely,liek magical boys...this is a parody anime for it so far :3
Shounen Hollywood-Im not sure about this one..but it might not keep my attention,who knows,maybe I will finish it..someday

(43 ANIMES in total) :) (Smile) much otaku
Anyway here are all my least I think they are!long journal is long but I hope at least one of my watcher reads this..fully.xd COMMENT BELOW FOR YOUR FAVORITE ANIME!:) (Smile) AND ANIME LIST AND THOUGHTS!



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